Smart Electrical Power Distribution Centre

Work packages

Work packages Chart

WP2Detailed specifications & requirements
WP3Conceptual Design
WP4Manufacturing of subsystems
WP5Assembly and integration of subsystems
WP6Commissioning and demonstration
WP7Dissemination and Exploitation of project results

Workpackage details

Leader:ESIEE Participants:all
Leader:ESIEE Participants:all
  • Electrical specifications
  • Mechanical specifications
  • Instrumentation specifications
  • Control and interface specifications
Leader:Hazemeyer Participants:all
  • Mechanical Design, Electrical Design
  • Instrumentation and Control Design
Leader:Triphase Participants:all
  • Manufacturing of enclosure and RACKS
  • Instrumentation and Real time target
  • Real time control
  • Emulation software
Leader:Triphase Participants:all
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly and integration of subsystems
  • Software implantation
  • Factory acceptance tests
Leader:Triphase Participants:all
  • Demonstration at consortium site
  • Packaging and shipment
  • Demonstration at customer site
  • Final acceptance tests
  • Documentation
Leader:ESIEE Participants:all